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Contact U.S. Congress


Encourage Congress to take a stand against predatory lending by ensuring fair products and policies that support financial wellbeing.

Take Action Below: Now through December 2022

Background: There is a bill that will help all Americans. Congress is considering the Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act (VCFCA). The bill (S.2508/H.R. 5974) has bipartisan support as well as Texas co-sponsors, but it needs to be prioritized and pushed through with your help in order to become law. 

Active-duty military members currently benefit from an important 36% interest rate cap on consumer loans as part of the Military Lending Act, something that the Texas Fair Lending Alliance advocated for. Now, through the Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act, there is the opportunity for this benefit to extend to veterans and to all Americans. 

Though 36% may sound high, a lot of loans marketed to Americans carry rates of 100% to over 500% interest. This bill would rein in the most abusive practices in the market.

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Sample Email:

Dear [Elected Official Name],

I am writing to urge you to support the Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act. This bill has bipartisan support and would make sure that the current 36% interest rate cap on consumer loans under the Military Lending Act is extended to all Americans.


Many people were hurting financially before the pandemic, and now it’s even harder for families and individuals. Unreasonable and outrageous interest rates do nothing to help Americans or our economy.


Texas has some of the highest rates in the country for payday and auto title loans. They often surge to 500% APR or more. People often turn to these loans in a desperate moment and end up worse off. High-cost predatory loans ultimately wreak havoc on the finances of too many Americans.


Please take a stand and ensure that the Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act gets through and becomes law. We need your leadership more than ever on this.



[Your Name]

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