The Solutions

High-cost payday and auto title loans shrink paychecks and drain public and private dollars meant for basic needs.  The current Texas payday and auto title loan market enables usury, which leads to desperation for too many families. 

Your voice is needed to move from a Cycle of Debt to a Cycle of Success.

You can teach a simulation that puts friends and family members in the circumstances that millions of borrowers face every year. You can teach the Texas Payday & Auto Title Lending Simulation to friends, family, co-workers, and others in your circle of influence. The simulation allows people to understand what it is like to have to borrow from a payday or auto title lender. 


A loan that promotes a cycle of success:

  • Is fairly and reasonably priced;
  • Is structured for successful repayment in the original loan term;
  • Includes a meaningful assessment of borrower’s ability to repay without needing to re-borrow;
  • Improves borrower’s credit score with positive repayment history; and
  • Offers transparency in advertising, disclosures, and contracts.

Fair transactions guided by these basic standards promote borrower and lender success and support a healthy Texas economy.

Infographic: Texas Problems and Solutions

Payday Auto Title Loans Infographic