Michelle: Nolanville

May 22, 2014

I called Western Sky Financial for a loan out of desperation to help pay bills. The interest rate was over 300% for a 1 year term. They loaned me $800, but only deposited $500 and said $300 of it was used for processing fees. The first payment from my personal account did not come from Western Sky but from a company called Delbert Services whom I did not originally create the contract with, nor give my bank details to. I then received an email from them stating they needed my bank details because they were updating their system and before I could reply another company called Cash Call helped themselves to my account as well. I called my bank to stop the payment as it was unauthorized to that company and I received the payment back. I then had to close my checking account and open a new one. I now receive calls everyday from this Delbert Services, 1 time even 9 times in 1 hour.