Clyde: Houston

January 15, 2013

The results left a bottomless result in my life, one which determined how I had to live up to this day.  I had no gripes with the company when the loan was first given, everything they did at first helped me out a lot.  I was late on payments,  which I would go in and make arrangements with them, always bringing things up to date. 

There was never any indication from me to show that I was not going to pay back the loan. 

One day while at work I went outside and my car was gone. I called the police because I was sure that someone had stolen my vehicle. Through these conversations with the police they pointed out that maybe it was the payday loan company that took my car.  To my surprise that was what happen. I called the loan company and their explanation was that they had tried to call me at work but could not get a hold of me. Upon further inquiry I found that the loan company told their lenders to call in the loan by taking the car and giving me one month to pay off  balance, which was something I could not do.

My pleas and letting them know how necessary it was to have transportation to work, day-to-day living and doctors visits since I was a heart patient. The value of the car was around 15k whereas the loan amount was around 2K.  There was nothing I could do.  I didn’t have money to go to lawyers.  The car was paid off.  I had recently retired from my job, paid off all bills, knowing that at 62, the car was a necessity. 

I felt as though I was helpless since everything was within their power with the rules of  loans.  To this day I have yet to recover in my mind the big loss I had suffered from taking that loan.  GOD has been on my side for I follow him.  Never a day goes by when I know in my mind that they didn’t have to do what they did.  That was the greatest loss of my life plus a big lesson learned from it.  This is the first time I’ve shared this with anyone, hoping that it will help others in their decisions to go this route in their time of need.

 Thanks  for letting me share my experience with an auto title loan.