KUHF: Procedural Tactics At Houston City Hall Could Delay Payday Lender Regulations

December 12, 2013

Houston could soon have new regulations for the payday and auto title lending industry. But a procedural tactic might push the proposed ordinance into lengthy delays.  A proposed ordinance to regulate payday lending practices would cap how much money people can borrow.

It would also restrict how many times a consumer can renew or rollover a loan, among other regulations.  Houston Councilmembers Jerry Davis and Andrew Burks tagged the ordinance this week, which in this case could have significant consequences.  Mustafa Tameez is a political analyst who knows the ins and outs of City Hall.  “When something comes for a vote on city council, councilmembers have the right to tag that and what that means is that the vote is delayed for a week while they get further information. If a councilmember is not present during that tag, they have a right to tag it the following week.”  And that’s where things get interesting.

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