Corpus Christi Caller Times: City Council gives protection to the “little guys”

August 15, 2015

Lawyers don’t often quote Scripture when arguing a point, especially before the City Council. They quote case law. They cite the Constitution. They argue the facts. But not often verses out of the Bible. But John Bell’s quotation, from the Gospel of Matthew, was appropriate. It perfectly fit in with the depth of moral support for a city ordinance that aims to rein in payday and auto title lending.

This is a type of lending, several speakers on behalf of the ordinance on Tuesday said, whose onerous repayments often sink poor families into a debt cycle that traps them. Bell told the council that he had been part of a faith-based effort in past legislatures to try to restrain the payday and auto title lending industry. The effort had failed because, Bell said, the Texas Legislature often isn’t designed to “help the little guys.”

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