Data & Research

Texas Data

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State and MSA Data

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CFPB Data & Rulemaking

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Payday & Auto Title Lending Industry’s Political Contributions:

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Background Documents on Texas Payday Loans and Auto Title Loans:

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Studies and Surveys on Fast Cash Payday Advance and Auto Title Loans in Texas

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Additional Studies and Analysis

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Editorials On the Need for Reform

PBS News Hour: Fighting the Debt Trap of Triple-Digit Interest Rate Payday Loans, 1.06.2016

Houston Chronicle: Editorial – Congress should support federal consumer agency rules that rein in predatory loans, 06.15.2016; Editorial – Federal rules on payday lenders would add teeth to new local laws, 06.02.2016;Editorial – Rein in Unscrupulous Lending,  11.29.2012Editorial – Unfair Lenders Should Be Stopped,  6.29.2012; Let’s help the vulnerable by regulating payday loans, 5.5.2011; Legal Loan Sharks: Predatory lenders lurk just around the corner, 2.11.2011; Christmas future: We wish better protection for those who must use payday lenders, 12.25.2010.

Houston must rein in predatory loans, Op-ed in Houston Chronicle by Sens. Rodney Ellis, Sylvia Garcia, and John Whitmire, 8.15.2013

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Our communities aren’t equipped to rein in payday lenders, Op-ed in Dallas Morning News by Norman Roberts, 2.28.2013

Military Families Deserve Payday Loan ReformOp-ed by Retired General Sanchez, 9.10.2012.

Star-Telegram: It’s Time to Reform the Predatory lending Industry, 11.18.2015; Texas Payday Lending Needs More Regulation, 1.23.2014; Restraints on Texas payday loans are worth another try, 5.9.2013; Payday loan reform slows, campaign cash flows, 4.2.2013

San Antonio Express-News: Rule Change offers Needed Payday Relief, 8.4.2016, Payday Rules Merit Tough Stance, 6.3.2014, Consumers Merely Collateral Damage, 1.16.2014; Time for payday lenders to pay up, 11.25.2013; Payday Lenders Remain Creative, 9.18.2013; Dire need for payday lending regulation, 6.21.2013; Consumers given short shrift on bill, 5.9.2013; Deep Pockets Sway Payday Reform, 4.10.2013; Consumers Need True Payday Loan Reform, 3.25.2013; Tighten Payday Loan Regulations, 2.22.2013; Report Shows Need for Loan Regulations, 7.30.2012; Payday Loan Way Overdue in Texas, 1.22.2011.

Texas Catholic: Payday Loans Ordinance Supported, column endorsement by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, 8.14.2012

El Paso Times:El Paso City Council should affirm payday loan rules, 1.5.2014; Payday Lenders: Legislature Offers Insufficient Reform,3.22.2013; Editorial: Money Lenders – Keep Payback Rates in Check,  1.4.2013

Beaumont Enterprise: 
Editorial: Pays Loans Demands Legislature’s Action,  12.31.2012  

Austin American-Statesman:  Ugly Babies need love, too, 4.24.13; Tighter restrictions on payday lenders needed, 2.6.2013;Laws coralling short term lenders are a warning shot, 1.6.2012; Austin Should Act Now to Limit Predatory Lending, 4.21.2012

Short-term loans buy plenty of heartache, Op-ed by Don Baylor of CPPP, 5.5.2013

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TFLA Release:  Member of Congress File Bill to Protect Loan Sharks, 12.04.2017